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Such interactions have opened new frontiers for many and it continues to do so.Indeed, there are certain differences in dating in the digital age when compared to the pre-digital age.

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It pits those who find love without the help of technology against those who owe their love story to technology.

However, digital age dating is upon us and it is only prudent to embrace it.

Most couples on dating platforms end up being miles apart.

Travelling, therefore, is a necessity for any meet up.

The following data might be compromised if you continue: 1.

Further action on this computer or any other device on your network might reveal private information and involve serious risks.This to many has been an opportunity to finding love and friendship all on the same platform, an opportunity that would have been lost with exclusivity.Travel in Pursuit of Love Travel is an aspect the digital age has transformed and continues to do so for many couples.However, it is agreeable that dating is a process that should be allowed to run its course bearing in mind that not all dates lead to a love story.In this respect, dating platforms have allowed for the possibility of dating several individuals while determining their viability for a relationship.This has opened people to new cultures and way of life.

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