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Fun fact: That’s why we now eat chicken “drumsticks.” Pants or trousers were called “inexpressibles”, and breasts were the “upper stomach.” And the word “bull” was also a no-no.Apparently, the Victorians were afraid that saying “bull” would get people all hot and bothered. ) Instead, a proper Victorian would say “cow brute, a gentleman cow, a top cow, or a seed ox.” Which brings us to our next type of taboo: the names of certain animals.

Hot sex chat conversation examples

These taboos usually date back much earlier in human history, when people were more dependent on animals and also had more reason to fear them.

For example, many languages, including Germanic languages like English, use words for “bear” that aren’t related to the original Indo-European root word.

Of course, you still want to avoid using “strong language” in many business and professional contexts.

And probably when you’re visiting your grandparents.

The English word “ber,” for example, derives from “the brown one.” Russian and Czech uses “medved,” which means “honey eater.” Baltic languages, like Lithuanian, use words that derive from the Indo-European root *tlakis, which means “hairy.” Some linguists believe this is because saying the actual Indo-European word for “bear” was taboo.

It was not done, except perhaps during rituals, either for religious reasons or because people believed that saying the word would summon one.

Swearing is part of that – even today, when those “7 dirty words” have become a lot less dirty, there are still plenty of situations where you’d want to avoid using them. “Language taboos,” words people aren’t allowed to say, are common to many cultures, both ancient and contemporary.

Here are 5 examples of taboo language from around the world. “Mother-in-Law” jokes were once a staple in Western comedy.

Which might sound like a relief, until you realize how much it would complicate family gatherings.

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