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As a result, foreign furries have been underrepresented in surveys.

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They call themselves “Kemoner”, a portmanteau of “Kemono” and “-ner”, basically “one who participates in”. “ケモナー” is the fully written term for “Kemoner”, pronounced “Ke-mo-na”.) It’s mentioned that the usual fun stuff is great, fursuiting and making friends and all, but some furries are problematic. It’s noted that it’s a significant part of their lives.

Visibility of furries to non-furries is low in Japan compared to America.

In order to create an international survey, a series of questions would have to be agreed upon as well as a distribution method, the questions would have to be translated by two translators whose work could be cross-referenced to remove translation errors, and the entire thing would have to be approved by the institutional review board of the sponsoring institution.

In short, jumping through hoop after hoop, with an unforeseeable brick wall possibly thrown in at any point.

Fursuit crossdressing (males in female suits) aren’t a big deal, though, as long as it isn’t prominently sexual (huge boobs, bondage stuff, etc.) Another broad question.

Since Yoshinomi is a fursuiter, he had more to say about the difference in fursuiters.Many foreign artists are on Fur Affinity and Deviant Art.Kemonono is an English imageboard that focuses on the Japanese “kemono” art style.(Imagine judging American furries using that method…oh, the horror.) The difficulty lies in finding information about foreigners.Wouldn’t it be fascinating to learn more about the South American furry culture? Because, for this article, I’ll be writing about the Japanese furry culture.

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