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The bedrooms were spacious and the beds were comfy as we all slept well.

The buses are every 30 minutes (even on a Sunday) and the fare was a fixed price of 1 Euro 40 whether going 1 stop or the whole route.

There are timetable details in the very full information folder provided by the owners.

There is private off street parking for anyone who needs it.

The villa itself is in a very quiet residential area just 2 minutes’ walk to a well-stocked Dino supermarket where you can get everything you need for a self-catering holiday including delicious fresh bread and pastries.

Glittering lights, softly falling snow, the scent of fresh-baked gingerbread and the sound of Christmas carols in the air set the stage for romance.

More people get engaged in December than during any other month.I have an intermittent problem with my ankle but still managed to walk from Playa Blanca to the villa, I wouldn’t win any awards for speed but it is definitely doable for anyone with reasonable fitness level as it is mainly flat or where needed has ramps for wheelchairs or prams.We went into Playa Blanca on three nights and ate in different restaurants each time but always ended up in the Irish pub –forget its name.The journey to the villa took around 30 minutes at a cost of 50 Euros tip.We did miss the villa in the dark and had to go around the block again but if we had carefully followed the directions given to us we really shouldn’t have missed it.This was the one thing I forgot to ask about before going and found we needed to replace disposable items during our stay- kitchen rolls, toilet rolls, bin bags, washing up liquid, disinfectant wipes but soap powder and dishwasher tablets were supplied.

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