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The Herm Haven is set on one end of Wolf's Run Road.The central area of the Haven is actually the 'foyer' to the Haven; most of the Haven's social activities take place there.Two or three of his stories mention the "Double H" club, located in Melbourne, Australia in a fictional future world; this club is known to its habitues as the "Herm Haven".

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The second floor contains private rooms that can be locked from the inside for privacy.

The third floor contains rooms for residents who live at Herm Haven, and rooms are freely linked to Herm Haven by contacting Dragon Fire.

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The Hermaphrodite Haven is a furry phenomonon that has spread to most MUCK servers.

The Haven also has a dance club (the Swing Club), apartments (Hermaphrodite Estates), a lake (the creatively-titled Lake Hermy), an inn (Swan Maid Inn), a mall (the HH Mall), and a section specifically for transgendered or crossdressing furs (The Satin Rose).

Herm Haven has a reputation for being one of the yiffiest and spoogiest public areas on Furry MUCK - as a result, it is strictly an adults-only area and characters who are not set to "adult" are not allowed.

Most of this article refers to the entity on Furry MUCK, though public areas with the same name exist in many other places.

The variant on Tapestries is owned by Dragon Fire; the Hermaphrodite Haven on Sociopolitical Ramifications is owned by Jan Jan, the Herm HQ (often dubbed Hermaphrodite Haven) also exists on Second Life.

All are characterized as 'old-fashioned' construction of stone, pillars and statues, hosting rules encouraging sexual behavior but strictly banning negative commentary or violence.

Its counterpart on Sociopolitical Ramifications is The Flagon's Tale, which has a slightly more modern look (in places).

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