He is dating another woman good tagline for online dating

This boy who I think is reallly cute asked me out the only problem is I found out that he is turning 14 and in year 7!

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If he loved you as much as he says he does he would be with you, he's cheating on his girlfriend with you.

Its like he's not ready to let go of her, and also doesn't want to let me go He cheating and your helping him, he the girlfriend and you on the side. This is not a healthy relationship by any stretch, you need to break free, he's not going to break up with her, and if he does, how could you trust him. If he really "loves" you as he said, which might I add that I don't think he really does considering the behavior you described, he would have already broken up with his girlfriend and lets face it...

And we sure can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped. (I was going to propose her ) She said she has got a...

There is no where that the guy loves you as you explain the situation, because after love , what matters is trust and bonding in a relationship. When I met my girlfriend for d first time I fell in love with her. I started dating this girl(let's call her G) at the end of highscool and things went really well for about a year.

He is still dating her now and he still tells me he loves me. should I back off and let him and his girlfriend be, or should I wait and see what his next step will be?

I know that he truly loves me because he's told a some people I know. We are still very close and would do anything for each other.

He wants our relationship to keep moving ahead, and I want it too.

But then it's making things a whole lot complicating with me knowing that he's dating her, it makes me feel guilty, but I possibly can't bear losing him.

And Yeah I have told my side girls friends that I really love her Just cause I knew they would tell her He told us he really loves you. I hate the way I was from 14 until about 25 years old take it from a retired player let him go before you get really really hurt.

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