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“Get It While You Can” features Robert Finley on vocals.

It is the traditional song and Finley does a great job, singing with gusto and making clear some lyrics that I never heard before. “Shine On Me” This song is irresistible even if it sounds exactly like a Travelling Wilbury song.

Everybody loves Dan Auerbach, but I’m just lukewarm on him.

I could never get into The Black Keys and the Arcs were okay.

Dan brings his Easy Eye Sound Revue to the Tiny Desk.

It’s an abundance of gifted musicians who have all played with a long, long list of legends, including Elvis, Don Williams and John Prine. The small band for this stripped-down version of the “Revue” is fleshed with Dante Schwebel on guitar and Russ Pahl’s resonator guitar sounds.

It’s interesting to see a book try to pick up on certain aspects of a country as the ones that need mocking.

For America it’s plastic surgery (which I gather must seem like a huge part of American life to non-Americans) lawyers, and conspiracy theories.

It’s just a matter of time before he hits on a genre that I really like, I’m sure.

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