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Gfriend is full of awesomeness, during their time of debut when being compared to Lovelyz!

to which is better so and so, I kept quiet and totally love both now. Gfriend multi-cam or random-camhttps:// Mp H-gh Qv A0n O9ob UQ/featured Surprised they even have Year 7 Class 1 fancam!

They are POTEN but I like the name 4TEN, I'm not sure if they aren't really active or just no fan vids, even the most random groups get a lot fan cams meh New performances, Hajeong is absent20151226 포텐(POTEN) 왜 이래 @SAF(SBS AWARDS FESTIVAL) https://

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Both of my favourite songs from the 1st Lovelyz album.

Yoo Jiae – Delight @ COMEBACK LOVELYZ Mini Concert LIVEhttps://

Catching up on releases over the holiday period, been quite a few good songs that I've nearly missed!

Bomi & Namjoo (Apink) – Did You Forget – Two Yoo Project – Sugarman Part 1 C7Zs IUe Nc I Cho A & Way (Crayon Pop) – I Hate You Te ZCml B0 Crayon Pop are underrated in the vocal department mainly due to their quirky concepts but they can definitely sing. I think they would get it right given that it was animated in Seoul by Digital EMation The company seems to do a reasonable number animation products for the overseas market Angels – Always For You (Happy Ending Once Again OST) V5Oc U4FRDQ While watching this I was wondering wow that girl looks a lot like Yoo In Na and that other one looks like Jang Na Ra.

v=egro WEz2E2E Jin solo @ COMEBACK LOVELYZ Mini Concert LIVEhttps://

v=lq G2M8w TXYA I'm sure it will catch on but that wasn't the case with Glass Bead and Me Gustus Tu.

Mnet countdown live performances April – Tinkerbell Zc7PIERw KU Lovelyz – Destiny Dv K_YPr0 Lovelyz – 1cm Teo Twice – Cheer Up NEgs For the recent comebacks I rate April Twice.

Short of sounding like a hater I can't see why Twice get so much hype other than being from JYP. v=h Sa Py Vwo Oh Q DIA – On the Road GWs76w I like this come back song but it is rather "safe" in a typical girly innocent concept.

I think the world press have given them more publicity than they could ever hope for.

All the stuff on incorrect visas seems to be based on speculation and rumour with no official statements from anybody – material that the entertainment media love to write about.

They aren't exactly talented vocally like say Lovelyz but they do seem to have a some what quirky concept that is slightly different than the norm but other than visuals they don't have anything that I find sets them apart from the pack. Their first single "Somehow" was amazing and it's still in my playing today so I feel slightly let down by this come back but hopefully the hype IOI is getting and Chaeyeon coming back they will get some new fans.

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