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Creating a space to share concerns, questions, love, acceptance — the gospel of Jesus Christ binds Relief Society sisters together (LDS Church News) (March 30, 2018) - Relevance: 5.3Sister Ruth Cuellar Alvarez Falabella followed a young boy up the switchbacks of a Colombian mountain.

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Work was organized for the main warehouse, the cannery, cleaning, filling walk-in food orders and restocking shelves.

Elder Gordon Hunter and Sister Brooke Hunter currently manage the storehouse and were delighted to be so busy from all of the volunteers who came to work.

I went by Sister Amalia's to listen to it last week.

She wanted to see if I could find some chords on my guitar to go with it.

Hunter (1907–1995), thirteenth president of the Church, can be found on Hunter quoted by The Atlantic in article on Six-Day War and religion (Deseret News - Utah) (June 8, 2017) - Relevance: 7.6It’s a rare occasion to see a Latter-day Saint prophet cited in The Atlantic. Videos of a typical day for a sister missionary and of hands of service (Deseret News - Utah) (January 8, 2011) - Relevance: 6.2Sister missionaries: In delightful melodramatic fashion, this video depicts "A Day in the Life of Sister Missionaries." And you can also read some fascinating accounts from other sister missionaries about what a day in the life truly is like. Sister missionary remembered (LDS Church News) (February 8, 2013) - Relevance: 5.7Sister Alesa Renee Smith, 22, died Friday, Feb. Sister Perry: Finding joy, happiness in life (Deseret News - Utah) (February 23, 2009) - Relevance: 5.4Finding joy and happiness isn't very difficult, but important in our lives, Sister Barbara Perry told several hundred young single adults at a fireside Sunday, Feb. "Joy will come to us as we keep the commandments," Sister Perry said. Just last Sunday, a tribute was paid to the wife of President Thomas S.

But in the article “How the Six-Day War Transformed Religion,” President Howard W. 1, after being hit by a truck while she was on her bicycle. Funding of LDS post starts (Deseret News - Utah) (April 28, 2006) - Relevance: 5.3After a meeting scheduled today in Southern California, fund raising will officially begin for the Howard W. Monson on "Mormon Times TV." Sister Monson has been described as always being faithful and supportive of her husband in his many church callings.

New Online Exhibit Helps You Get to Know President Howard W.

Hunter (Church News) (January 11, 2016) - Relevance: 7.7A new digital exhibit on the life of President Howard W.

16, youth in the Atlanta, Ga., area were off from school and adults were off work in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Many Latter-day Saints chose to spend the day serving at the bishops' storehouse in Tucker.

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