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I think I have the right code to do that, by capturing the keypress event, but keypress is not firing.

The control has focus, is enabled, and is not locked, yet nothing is being executed when I press a key (letter).

Another process was updating the file when it produced log messages.

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This has the side-effect of not notifying any applications using File System Watcher of file changes (writes) or Last Write changes. Close method is called; at which time notifications are picked up by the native API Read Directory Changes W used by File System Watcher behind the scenes. Optimization took place on Vista/Server 2008 and later, and file notifications don’t come as regularly as before, only on close now.

So if we don’t close the file, which Flush doesn’t do, we won't get the expected notifications.

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This frame contains various check boxes which a user can check or uncheck as required and then click an OK button, also in the frame.

The drop button click event basically sets the visible property of the frame to true or false accordingly.

The issue is caused by the second process updating the file with the Flush method, and a known limitation in this .

NET method: The Flush method of the File Stream class does not cause Windows to flush the file's metadata.

I had a sub routine in a regular code module, which declared and created an instance of my control class and ended by showing the form.

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