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The former “Real Housewives of Orange County” star, 39, is being sued by a debt collector for an unpaid balance on her Citibank/Home Depot credit card, The Blast reported.

The collector claims Rossi made payments from 2014, when the card was first opened, until January 2017, but then allegedly stopped. The collector is suing for the remaining balance but isn’t seeking interest or fees.

Shortly after Jeff’s death, Tamra Judge, a co-star made allegations that she cheated Jeff while he was dying with a guy named Jay Photoglou as Tamra got the information from Jay himself.

Caption: Gretchen Rossi with ex-boyfriend Jay Photoglou in 2009 Later Gretchen sued Jay for defamation and for other counts as he published pictures of them together on the internet.

Gretchen even says, “It’s no longer a concern of starting a family with him because I think that through self-realization and realizing that life happens, Slade’s unfortunately and probably never going to be completely out of debt because a lot of his debt is due to his son being ill.” Gretchen also had some hard moments from her cast members when they all accused her of having her proposal to Slade for the TV only and that she did not mean it and had no plans on getting married to him.

With tears in her eyes, she claimed that each and every words of her co-stars were all false and said, Back in time, Gretchen Rossi was married to Chris Rossi, and the couple got married at Laguna Cliffs in Dana Point, California in 2004.

Let us see or know what the other complications are and know her plans on getting married; that is if she has any.

Gretchen Rossi is currently dating her soon to be husband Slade Smiley, CEO of Grayson Entertainment but is more widely known as a partner to Gretchen and a serial Housewives date be as; he dated Jo De La Rosa who is one of the five housewives.

No wonder that Gretchen Rossi from the Real Housewives of Orange County wants to have children with her soon to be husband as she is already 38 years old and is just a couple of years away from losing her days of having a baby.

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