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In addition to the above services, you may find an interesting train known as a "Taxi" or "Railbus" train.This is basically a bus on tracks and provides occasional service on routes that have low ridership.On these days, be prepared to adjust your travel plans and wait longer than usual.

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Other than the automobile, rail is by far the most common means of transportation.

Although there are a few independent regional rail lines, the main passenger rail system in Germany is the Deutsche Bahn (DB, or German Rail), also known colloquially as "Die Bahn".

You will get to see all of the various types of trains and watch how precisely the system runs.

I have done this many times and it still fascinates me just as much now as when I was a kid.

That, and the fact that first class rates are around 50% higher, means first class tends to be less crowded than second class.

The ICE and IC/EC are the fastest trains on the German Rail roster and are the services that tourists use the most.

Connections between the former eastern and western halves of the country have been upgraded and expanded, and high-speed lines now reach all of the major eastern cities.

Nearly all of the roadbed in the eastern part of the nation has either been upgraded or junked.

The DB was developing the world's first magnetic-levitation passenger train line between Berlin and Hamburg, but it was cancelled due to a number of political issues.

But another maglev line, connecting Munich's central station and airport, is now being considered.

But you will see many trains in big cities (especially the Frankfurt and Rhein-Ruhr areas) with exteriors covered by graffiti.

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