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We had spent many an afternoon here, but this one will always be different.We recapped our day by visiting this same room where it all began, in an English class.“I met Jerry Katz in September 1960, the first week of my freshman year.

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” ‘You’re crazy,’ she replied, but from that day forward, we saw each other every single day or night and the rest is history.

At that time, we were very young and wanted to get married, so we took a drive to Abbeville, South Carolina, on March 5, 1961, and got married and asked if we could get married.

We now have a grandson, Reed Turry (BBA ’17), who is a fourth generation UGA alumnus and current student at the School of Law. We love to go back to where our love story started!

” “I met Jerry Katz in September 1960, the first week of my freshman year.

The introduction took place at Alpha Chi Omega’s Parent’s Weekend.

As if meeting my parents the same night as meeting me was not bad enough to scare him off, I also had pink eye! We have been married more than 10 years, have a boy and a girl and still love making the trip back to Athens every chance we get.” “Our first date at UGA was on October 23, 1981.

Continue reading their story from the College of Engineering. Of course, the season ticket holders added another seat. I (Paige) was a sweaty mess after being lost on campus in late August … I entered my English class only to find one seat available, lucky for me it was next to Jake.

Before I was all the way in my chair, he had his arm fully extended, bright blue eyes smiling, “My name is Jake Adair.

It’s this quality that made him stand out in my mind, and ultimately the reason I fell in love with him.

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