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Cavemen are a small but widespread minority group that have been present in every global civilization since the dawn of recorded history (a montage scene in the opening credits shows Cavemen in Egyptian hieroglyphs, when George Washington crossed the Delaware River, standing with Abraham Lincoln, participating in the space program, etc.).

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Lawson would be executive producer alongside Guymon Casady, Daniel Rappaport, Josh Gordon & Will Speck. When the pilot was approved by the network in March, it was unclear if the original actors, Jeff Daniel Phillips and Ben Weber, who played the cavemen in the advertisements, were going to be part of the series.

Mihok was replaced by Sam Huntington and the character of Jamie was renamed Andy in July.

Meanwhile, Thorne is attracted to the beast in Andy.

Nick causes problems for Joel when his girlfriend Kate refuses to spend the night.

The final six episodes never aired in US markets but did however air in Australia.

After the show's cancellation, a Geico commercial was aired during Super Bowl XLII in which two cavemen watched television, switched it off, and had an exchange about Cavemen: Nick gets a job at Norskbild, a home improvement center, through Joel.A Cavewoman that appeared on the show also had a prominent brow ridge and comparatively more body hair than a modern human female.Some Cavemen attempt to pass as Homo sapiens by shaving their body hair - other Cavemen call them "shavers".The chief source of that charm is the unmistakable hint of wit in the writing.Only a hint – but it's steady, which is enough to seduce." A total of 13 episodes were produced.Based on the GEICO Cavemen commercials, which were also written by Lawson, the show was described by the network as a "unique buddy comedy that offers a clever twist on stereotypes and turns race relations on its head".

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