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Along with special challenges GLBT individuals can and do bring unique resources to their relationships.

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Previously he has written about politics, economics and technology for various online publications.

Kramer, LCSW, ACSW, a therapist specializing in gay relationships, shared numerous insights on gay couples, from how they meet to common issues they face.

The usual times when young adults are learning how to couple, date, and sort out their feelings about sex and sexual activity occurs in mid to late teens and early adulthood; in high school and perhaps college.

Because GLBT youth are often hidden and/or just beginning to come to terms with their own identity their learning curve in the dating department is delayed and often put off to later, producing a disadvantage regarding acquired dating skills.

They affiliate more naturally and are less needful of being dominant or independent.

These attributes/skills often lead to relative ease with relationship formation.

Efforts to change the culture and enact legal supports have made some progress but there is also great resistance to, for example, gay marriage.

Many GLBT couples date and live invisibly or in the shadows and their concern over discovery or being obvious limits spontaneous affectionate/dating behavior and is stressful to a relationship.

In women’s relationships these factors can make managing differences and tolerating conflict more difficult.

So for women allowing for and not being threatened by the I/me issues as the couple moves from the we/us stage to the me/you/us/we stage of relationship can be taxing.

The culture, as well, puts pressure on individuals to couple and form units and families.

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