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The Canberra teenager pleaded guilty to blackmailing two men, as well as growing cannabis in his bedroom, in the ACT Childrens Court earlier this week.

The boy and three others, including his older brother, were charged after they demanded money from men they had lured using the app, and then threatening to accuse them of being child molesters.

Chief Magistrate Walker said "(the boy) seems to have an immature view that has conflated homosexuality and paedophilia".

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A 17-year-old Canberra boy who pleaded guilty to blackmailing men using the gay dating app Grindr, including one who went on to take his own life, has been sentenced to six months in detention.

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The group met the man at the Mawson shops where they threatened to release the material unless he handed over money and his phone.

They later went to the man's house where one of the group threatened to call the police.

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The first blackmail charge against the boy was related to a man he and his brother arranged to meet through Grindr.

The boy threatened the victim with a dossier he had made which detailed social media exchanges, images and excerpts of ACT laws.

One of the youths told an alleged victim the group were "pedo hunters", according to police.

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