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8) Invite a Panel Of Youth to answer your questions about how they think, what their needs are, what they wish their parents would know.9) Meet together to discuss a specific topic and allow open discussion – Parenting skills; Support in Caring for the Elderly; Judging “Popular” Music, Video Games, and Media; Community issues – What can we do to protect our families?

If you can get your bishop to offer some kind of solid, spiritual, guiding, Dinner and socializing can be added on the side, but the main feast should be something they can take home and chew on for a while.

If you can feed your sisters the gospel in action, you will eventually be feeding an entire family, ward, neighborhood, community, and environment.

3) Invite yourselves to a YM’s activity and participate with them – even if they’re just playing basketball.

4) Using everyone in the ward, FILM MOVIES OF SCRIPTURE STORIES, with costumes, props, the whole bit, then make a copy for everyone in the ward for FHE aids. 6) Organize a support group for parents of troubled youth OR guide parents to the (click on LDS for a list of aids).

8) Talks on marriage — Gather talks and articles from the Ensign and discuss them.

NOTE: It is inappropriate to discuss our personal lives in a Relief Society meeting.

10) Invite the YM and YW, and your husband, to attend a “DANCE OFF.” You dance your kind of dance, the youth dance their kind of dance. 11) Work with the young Women to receive YOUR Young Woman’s Recognition Award.

12) Challenge yourself and members of your family (make it a friendly competition)—a) read lessons ahead of time and participate, b) volunteer to head up an activity, c) ask for more people on your visiting teaching/home teaching route, etc. For those entrenched in the world of children, let the kids play while the mommies learn something new; take an online class together or just talk (Talking will be the easiest, but learning together will be the most satisfying). Invite the children occasionally, to bring families together in the learning process.

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