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They did not seem shocked but amused, and I heard comments like "Wow that dude is naked" and "shrinkage".

It was fun, something to do, and it didn't cost much (which was important to my parents).

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Jennifer never showed up again in the locker room as her mother took her into the women's locker room.

I still saw Jennifer's dad almost every day as they still swam at that time.

This conversation in the shower took about 5 minutes ..that he had his daughter there with him who probably should have been using the women's locker room.

Dad even semi-apologized for having Jennifer in their, but he explained that his wife couldn't come that night and Jennifer takes too long if she is in the other locker room by herself. They try to hide their penises, but are somehow excited by this show and start to casually turn around to show their naked bodies to the girl too.

I had many, many, many jacking sessions for many years, thinking about that big ass! I was visiting a friend of mine and his family one summer and he had to go to work. Since he had to work his wife asked if I wanted to go with them to the club pool and afterwards we would meet my buddy for dinner. I stripped off my clothes and then went to take a leak.

As I was heading back from the urinal in walks my friends wife and asks if I would mind helping the 2 older children change into their suits. The girls that had seen me the night before, there were five of them I think, gave me a cheery "good morning" at the breakfast bar. The boys undressed in the locker room and the girls changed in their own change room, same one used by the teacher. As she patiently listened to me several teenage girls entered the hallway. Kimberly had used her passkey to open the door to my room and by then my girlfriend had calmed down. The next day I apologized to Kimberly who assured me that is not the first time she had dealt with a naked intoxicated guest.You don't appear to have posted any follow-ups to this. Yes, there were other incidents, and I later learned that Jennifer's family practiced social nudism which explained why it wasn't a big deal for the dad to have Jennifer seing guys naked.Our schedules soon became a regular thing with dad and Jennifer coming in to swim right after the swim team practice.She is standing at the entrance to the mens room looking directly at me naked and did not bat an eye. She was holding the baby and carrying their clothes in a beach bag. If I dress her I need to dress him and I am still naked. Her daughter said she had seen a little peter on her brother and it doesn't stick out but his (meaning me) was a lot bigger and stuck out!

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