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He would then give me regular detentions and then choke her with his cock while spitting on her face when she came to get me.

She would also leave with a red ass and one hand print in the middle of her back.

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Invariably, she would scream in pain, burst into tears, have an epileptic orgasm, and make him cum in her ass all at the same time. This made her scream with delight and she started to cum almost immediately.

The principal liked to then throw her head down onto the desk, slap her ass again, making her wince even more, and then go around and jam his cock into my mom's mouth till it was clean. Treat me like the slut I am." replied my mother."What if I wanted your son to watch? He then took his cigarette with his free hand, flicked the ash, and screwed the red hot end right into the center of the back of my mom's neck.

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I have never even thought about having sex with an animal before, I was feeling tired, wanted to just lie down for a short nap, first, let me describe myself.

She was 5'6" and had the pefectly voluptuous figure. She just begged to be pinched, grabbed, squeezed, bitten and banged. Her leg and feet were perfect, long, lean, tanned, smooth, and always sexily pedicured and in adorning sandals or high heels. I caught her fucking my english teacher when I was still in grade school. He decided to tie her hands behind her back and cane her ass while I was still in the room.

In fact, she invited him over our house where he proceeded to fuck my mom over the dinner table so hard, she started crying when she came, all while forcing her to say her son was stupid and that she was a filthy slut. I caught her fucking my principal when I was 16 when she came to pick me up for detention.They offer their videos in high definition that are downloadable thus it is one of the best sites. With hundreds of girls and a delicious videos this porn network has been taking more and more space on the web lately.Are you ready t...21Sextreme is one of the best premium xxx network to watch kinky hardcore videos.This was from the principle shoving his cock into her ass while holding her head up by her hair. " With that, the janitor gripped her hair, exposing her neck and pinning her head down to the ground.Then, while in the middle of randomly smacking each ass cheek in irregular intervals, he would wind his arm back and then slap her back with enough force to knock the wind out of my mother. He then switched from her ass and drove his dick into her hungry pussy.Being healthy also means having a positive mental attitude, and making safe decisions about your body and behaviors.

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