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Deleting the FT away from the center saves a lot of data, and doesn’t do too much damage to the image. Interesting fun fact: the image of the woman in the hat is called “Lenna” and it’s one of the most commonly used standards in image-processing tests.

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For example, when somebody plays middle C on a piano, you don’t feel your ear being buffeted 261 times a second (the frequency of middle C), you just hear a single tone.

The buffeting movement of the air is the signal, and the tone is the Fourier transform of that signal.

Often (but certainly not always) it’s possible to break down complex systems into simple waves (or to approximately do this), then to look at how those waves behave individually, and then to reconstruct the behavior of the system as a whole.

Basically, it’s easy to deal with “sin(x)” but difficult to deal with a completely unknown function “f(x)”.

The Fourier transform of a sound wave is such a natural way to think about it, that it’s kinda difficult to think about it in any other way.

When you imagine a sound or play an instrument it’s much easier to consider the tone of the sound than the actual movement of the air.

While digital technology has ushered in an explosion of uses for Fourier transforms, it’s a long way from being the only use.

In both math and physics you find that FT’s are floating around behind the scenes in freaking .

Physicists jump between talking about functions and their Fourier transforms so often that they barely see the difference.

For example, for not-terribly-obvious reasons, in quantum mechanics the Fourier transform of the position a particle (or anything really) is the momentum of that particle.

When this was first done on computers it was found that, for pretty much any picture that isn’t random static, most of the FT is concentrated around the lower frequencies.

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