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(221) Ironically, before the coming of the spaceport, the area was mostly known in France for a notorious penal colony located on the nearby Devil's Island.

Although many popular accounts of the Space Race boil it down to a competition between two sides -- the US and the USSR -- its real story is much more diverse and complicated.

Such unique requirement made the jungle-covered South American coast of French Guiana an ideal choice for a future European space hub.

An exotic ocean-side coastline, near the town of Kourou, located just five degrees north of the Equator, would provide a starting point for a safe flight corridor over the Atlantic Ocean and give the rocket an extra 460 meters per second in velocity from the natural Earth rotation.During the April 1966 conference on the development of a prospective all-European launcher, total three contenders vied for the privilege to host the program: Despite advantages of Darwin in terms of "climate, communications and amenities" quoted by Australia, Europe had little choice but to accept the French proposal.After all, it was France which took the heaviest burden in the development of the all-European rocket and its position on Guiana was uncompromising.By January 1965, CNES had convinced the French government to formally offer the site to international organizations or foreign governments for their space projects.However even then, French Guiana was not the only place on Earth competing for the role of the international launching center near the Equator.A total of eight rockets in the Diamant series flew from Kourou with the last mission on Sept. From 1976, the European Space Agency, ESA, partially funded the construction and the maintenance of the site.

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