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Two questions I ALWAYS ask before meeting are do you go with man for money? Ladyboys can be tricky and the last thing you want is to have that awkward moment where you meet a girl at a mall, or even worse at your place, and realize you made a big mistake.There are so many apps to change your appearance in pictures you may think you are meeting a nine when in reality its some ugly dude.Sure they are not all amazing looking, but there’s enough to go round. They are a great place to cool off in the air-con, get a safer meal, and be surrounded by Filipino women.


Sometimes they may be nervous, shy to be seen talking to a foreigner, or worried that they won’t speak English well enough and don’t want to embarrass themselves.

In general though they are as easy to approach as any woman you will find anywhere.

I have approached as many as twelve girls in a two hour period.

In general it’s best to look for good approach spots.

Who knows why they say no they don’t want money when they do, but whatever you had your fun for free.

Overall online dating is a very quick and easy way to talk to a lot of Filipino women, and a lot of them are pretty darn attractive. If you have never been to the Philippines you may not understand, but you can be in the middle of one of the seediest areas of the city and find a mall nicer than many in the western world.

If someone were to ask me where should I go to meet Filipino girls, the simplest answer would have to be: anywhere.

They are so kind and open by nature that they are extremely easy to start a conversation with.

This way she won’t be put on the spot with all eyes on her for to long, and you can’t say anything stupid to mess it up.

While you can meet them anywhere there are definitely some places that are easier than others. Go into any internet cafe in the Philippines and I’ll bet you will find at least one girl either checking her online dating accounts or on Skype with a guy she met online.

Whether it really is a good girl, a hooker, a scammer, a girl who is bored and horny you will likely read one of those in her profile.

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