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In short, drinking alcohol comes with plenty of drawbacks and no advantages apart from a momentary euphoria.

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In fact, this kind of inquiry is often a path to spiritual growth and is, if nothing else, useful when it comes to explaining the foundation of Mormonism to others.

To state this in Biblical terms: “Prove all things” (1 Thess ).

Getting drunk or even tipsy, on the other hand, is very nearly the opposite of seeking the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

It is the duty of all of us to serve those around us as best we can, and this is just not possible while consuming substances that have been proven to damage a person’s physical and mental health.

In the first place, alcoholic drinks are expensive and even moderate consumption of these consume money which can be much better spent elsewhere.

If this isn’t a sufficiently compelling argument, it is a well-known fact within the Mormon community as well as outside it that alcohol causes people to behave with less restraint than normal and even provokes personality changes.Erotic provocateur, racially-influenced humanist, relentless champion for the oppressed, and facilitator for social change, Scottie Lowe is the brain child, creative genius and the blood, sweat, and tears behind Afroeroti K.Intended to be part academic, part educational, and part sensual, she, yes SHE gave birth to the website to provide people of African descent a place to escape the narrow-mined, stereotypical, limiting and oft-times degrading beliefs that abound about our sexuality.One of the greatest responsibilities of any mother or father is to behave as a role model for their children.Their example will serve as a guide for the rest of their lives, which is one possible reason why alcoholism tends to run in families.If you had your password changed or reset during the transition period, your OLD password will work now.

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