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Get this: When I see a poster on the bus station of a girl in a bikini, my boner doesn't react at all.

If I deliberately search for it online and see it on my computer screen, I get one. As odd as this may sound, there's no such thing as porn.

That tells me that it isn't really the image per se that's arousing for me, but that my addiction is deeply linked with my computer (which is my choice). The brain knows exactly what alcohol or heroin is, but the reward circuitry has no way of recognizing porn.

I don't have a problem with advertisement, as long as it is offline. Instead, higher portions of the brain relay nerve impulses associated with sights, sounds, smells, and memories to the reward circuit.

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The key questions: Is your behavior reactivating sensitized addiction pathways, and are you overstimulating your already numbed dopamine system?

(Read "Porn, Then & Now: Welcome to Brain Training" and Why Do I Find Porn More Exciting Than A Partner?

We even find their personal instagram accounts to grab photos from the "first hands".

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