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An estimated 6% of the population over 15 years old had not received an education, and the illiteracy rate was about 6%.

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In 1990, the population structure had an expansive structure.

By 2015, the pyramidal structure had shifted to ages older than 55 years; at younger age groups, the population structure shows lower expansion, becoming regressive in the age groups younger than 15 years.

Most of the population (80%) lives in the narrow coastal plain to the country’s north.

Suriname’s interior, mainly consisting of tropical rainforest, occupies some 80% of the country’s territory, and a savanna belt extends along the border with Brazil to the south.

The main drivers of the economy are the mineral sectors of gold and oil .

Economic growth during this period benefited government spending and subsidies to the social sectors, including the health sector.As of 2013, Suriname’s murder rate (5 per 1 million population) and theft, burglary, and robbery rates (below 5%) were among the lowest in the Caribbean.However, domestic violence rates are among the highest in the subregion.Population growth was most pronounced in the 60 years and older age group, which grew by almost 30% over the nine-year period, whereas for 0–14 year olds, population increase was 1.6%.Figure 1 illustrates Suriname’s population structure, by age and sex, in 19. Population structure, by age and sex, Suriname, 19 The population increased 33.0% between 19.Suriname’s Fourth National Report to the Convention on Biological Diversity (2012) states that the expansion of illegal, small-scale gold mining and the associated use of mercury have detrimental effects on the forest and its ecosystems.

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