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" but indeed, as any intelligent person would, as (ahem).... And another thing: how is it that the Democrats have yet to use Heart's "Barracuda" as a theme song for Barack Obama? " Then he could admit that his platform is based on "Nothin' At All," and do a shitty duet with Loverbo Most importantly to our assets, however, is that On Stage features a trebly distorted guitar, inaudible bass, overloud drums, and vocals that would be comprehensible if Wattie were actually capable of speaking like a human being. Furthermore, "Horror Epics" is just the "God Saved The Queen"/"Wankers" chord change again! Somebody bring in Steve Lillywhite to help these guys really rock."Force your dinner down." Now I know what you're thinking -- you're thinking, "Say Mark, I'm looking at the words there on the screen and I gotta tell you -- 'Punk's not dead, oh no' and 'Force your dinner down' don't seem like they'd sound a whole lot alike. "), but drags a bit during the second half, mainly due to drummer Dru Stix straying from the high-speed 'doop-chick' beat to experiment with slower marches and roll-driven rhythms that result in songs like "Ripper," "Dole Q" and "Out Of Control" having no forward momentum whatsoever. Basically it's your typical cheap bootleg-quality live recording. Speaking of 'these guys,' Horror Epics finds Wattie and Willie joined by bassist "Wayne" and guitarist "Karl" (he actually plays on this one!

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That's way worse than not knowing about Negative Approach. Dru Stix and his successor Danny keep up the steady uptempo 4/4 beats too, starting off at Ramones-speed and then getting faster and faster as the disc progresses until they're absolutely flying by "Rival Leaders," a deliriously ecstatic celebration of nuclear warfare. Toilet papering the Springsteens' big front yard tree in the middle of the afternoon? Proceeding to date a girl even after she told me "I have to warn you; I'm in the middle of a clinical depression"?? Does this mean that people who maintain their entire music collection on MP3 are going to be 'dick out of luck' when a better technology replaces them? People should really think ahead about these things, unless they plan to get sick of their entire music collection before MP3 technology becomes antiquated in five years. But the reason I've quoted so many lyrics here is to attempt to show you that Wattie isn't the complete idiot that his detractors claim.

ne of the 'fun' things about recording songs off of WREK's old hardcore show was that half the time the DJ didn't bother telling me the name of the songs he'd played, so I'd end up singing everything wrong and looking like an asshole. There are so many great high-energy punk rock songs on here! Or how about when I was afraid that the Feeneys' commode would overflow so I left my turd unflushed and threw all the toilet paper in their trashcan? I mean, albums are hard concrete things that can be stuck in a back storeroom for 60 years and then dug out and rediscovered, re-released on CD, etc. Let's Start A War is The Exploited's most political record, with side one focused entirely on Margaret Thatcher's Falklands Experience and the horror of war in general. ), Wattie feels strongly that human lives (except Mods) are not tools to be used and thrown away by arrogant upper-class leaders. " "The countdown has started to go/Computers are locked on their foes/Thatcher is on her way/Down to the bunker for another day" Thus ends side one of Let's Have A War... I mean, there are other lyrics and music in there and shit, but as far as pulling one lyric from each song, we've now reached the end of side one. Forget your piffly "Sex & Violence" piffle; this side simply focuses on other horrific aspects of early '80s Britain, including unemployment ("They're out to kill the working class; that means you and me/Maggie knows she can go and stuff her non-working policies"), hopelessness ("Another corpse hangs from a tree/Is suicide left for you and me? And sure, some might argue that "Wankers" doesn't really belong here, but come on if you've got a song called "Wankers", you have to put it SOMEWHERE! Yes, he's always been an aggressive hedonist (and possibly a bigot, as I mentioned earlier), but there is a strong moral stance running through his lyrics that should be noted.

And Big John weighed 9,000,000,000 pounds (or "8 stone" using the metric system). " To be honest, a full half of the record is pretty great; the hard rocker "Down Below," weird rolly-poller "Forty Odd Years Ago," and typically angry speedpunkers "Law And Order" and "Treat You Like Shit" all deserve to be heard, regardless of their castrated drum sound.

Recorded live at The Nite Club in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1981, On Stage features live versions of 3 singles and 11 Punk's Not Dead favorites. But the record's other five songs are so ass-belchingly rank (and LONG!

yet I never heard WORD ONE about Negative Approach or SS Decontrol.

In fact, my introduction to these two bands didn't come until years later through the American Hardcore book and movie, where I learned that somehow these two bands I'd never heard of were among the most important and influential hardcore bands of all time!?!

When I boldly, drunkenly made the announcement on My Space that I was planning to review The Exploited, the epithets blew thick and fast and the noise was incredible someone said 'son of a bitch' and I think he said 'bastard' I cannot be sure it was all so confusing, but the main complaint was that Scottish lead singer/bandleader 'Wattie' is a thick-headed, drug addicted, insane racist Nazi who has said many a foul thing about Pakistanis and African-Americans in his day. But I don't think he has ever espoused this position in his songwriting (which mostly involves war, social injustice, and how Margaret Thatcher is a cunt), so I'm not willing to write them off as a Skrewdriver-esque Nazi Skinhead band, even if Wattie is as big a creep as has been suggested.

No sir, for me The Exploited are a delightful blast of angry, catchy hardcore/metal riffing with a revolving-door line-up (to date, 11 guitarists, 11 bassists and 7 drummers) and a lead shouter so thickly-accented that it is literally impossible to understand a single word he says. [email protected] I could care less about the Exploited, but would agree with the opening paragraph on the jackets and shirts.

Examples range from the mundane (Stiff Little Fingers - I still think "Suspect of Vice" makes more sense than "Suspect Device") to the awesome (Suicidal Tendencies' "I Wanna Be A Fascist Pig" -- for like six months, I thought he was saying "I Would Be A Bad Hippy! Sure, a few of the riffs don't cut the mustard cheese ("What You Gonna Do" is just the "I Can See For Miles" chords again, "Dogs Of War"'s riff is so tired it should take a nap for the rest of eternity, and "Exploited Barmy Army" is still Shit-On-A-Literal-Stick-That-Comes-Packaged-With-The-CD), but most of it is just non-stop speedy catchiness. (if you have an indoor tree offering infinite food, water and sex) I can't say much more about these songs; it's not like they're out there pioneering the face of music. Remember that time I didn't have any milk so I made Nestle's Chocolate water instead? And like so many other hardcore punk bands of the period (CRASS, Roger Waters And The Pink Floyd), The Exploited were not about to withhold lyrical comment (and sampled media soundbite! "Let's start a war said Maggie one day/With the unemployed masses, we'll just do away/They won't mind, like sheep they'll go/They won't suss us, they'll never know! /Reared up in a workless zone/Teaches the damned to free their own"), police-driven riots ("Panic, all hell breaks loose/A battered body screams abuse/A plastic bullet ends his youth/A motherless son turns and pukes") and... Could somebody please explain to me what "Kidology" is about? He supports the working class, and hates to see its humble members 'exploited' by the ruling class. MAYBE THAT'S WHERE THEY GOT THE NAME OF THE B The line-up shenanigans continue.

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