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If not, obviously it only reaches out to those clients of Skype group chats, like I do, you can understand why Skype might trigger security systems at hotels when it goes off to do its initial sync with other Skype clients, purely by the sheer volume of network connections it opens up.

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, the full history may not be immediately available.

If you are in a chat with 4 people, and the other 3 are offline when you come back online, you won't see the history until others come online.

Of course, if you are offline for a longer period of time, you might come back to literally thousands of messages and want to just "catch up" and mark all old messages as viewed.

This was why I was displeased that Skype removed the "Mark All Viewed" button from the Skype 5.0 Beta for Mac client (UPDATE: - Another aspect of working offline bears mentioning.

And some may be created ad hoc for resolving quick issues - and then disbanded as soon as the issue is dealt with.

If a customer has a problem, an alert may be posted in one of our "main chats" and then a "side chat" is formed with the specific group of people who can help to resolve whatever the problem will be. I RECEIVE *ALL* THE MESSAGES THAT OCCURRED IN THE CHAT WHILE I WAS OFFLINE - Bingo...In a typical client/server IM network (like AIM, Yahoo, Jabber, IRC, etc.), the clients are communicating with a server and all the chat messages are stored on the server.Other server-based systems can implement persistent group chats by storing all the messages on the server and then sending them out to clients that re-connect to the server.and the fact that it uses encrypted communication channels. we certainly keep an eye out on other communication tools and have a number of ideas ourselves...if we found something that worked as well and had an open architecture, we'd certainly look at it... If you think about Skype's P2P architecture a bit, the technology behind their implementation of persistent group chats is intriguing.When I landed, I connected to the free Wi Fi at the airport and Skype went through its sync process, pulling down all the chat messages that occurred while I was in the air .

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