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My wife Jennifer and I have been married for nearly 15 years. That's not to say we never have disagreements or get crabby with each other.

We do, but it's generally short-lived and due to fatigue on one of our parts.

Although we don't have all the same interests, we have the same core values, and I firmly believe that's what determines a couple's compatibility.

I would describe our sex life as very good and I hope Jennifer would do the same.

She then began to slowly slide her lips up and down my shaft allowing my penis deeper and deeper into her mouth with each thrust.

After seven days without any sexual release, this was more than I could handle.

Although I wouldn't call us kinky by any means, we have our fair share of variety in the bedroom.

When I say we're not kinky, we're not into bondage, S&M, partner swapping or anything like that, but we're not afraid to experiment with different ways to pleasure each other. okay, I occasionally share fantasies that involve other people in our sex lives, but I also realize that it's just a fantasy -- one that excites me in thought, but probably wouldn't work out so well in reality.My first shot of cum surprised Jennifer as it shot with force into the back of her throat.The second and third shots were just as big as Jennifer picked up the pace of her head movement and buried my cock deeper in her throat.Although Jennifer is very willing to pleasure me with her mouth, only on special occasions does it culminate with me cumming in her mouth. A hard cock in Jennifer's mouth, or in her hands for that matter, makes her uncontrollably horny and she feels compelled to stop sucking it because she wants it in her wet pussy.Since I had just returned from a seven day business trip to Germany, I was extra aroused.I've shared this thought with Jennifer, but she believes that if we ever went through with this fantasy, we would regret it.

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