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When I checked my credit account there were additional charges. I emailed them and got a reply stating that they do not keep credit card information & that it has to be entered each time. He said he was able to just click "buy" and a popup let him know the payment went through, so it did save the credit card information & he didn't have access to my card. She found a couple hundred in charges on her account before she realized it and she called to complain, thought her account was hacked, but they said they couldn't do anything.

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Then 7 days later I get an email saying they cant help me, even after the previous email they sent me saying they could.

They said they had no account restoration even though they did.

When I pointed out that the question had not been answered even though I had politely asked each of the 6 or 7 people for help, I got the reply that "we cannot help you with this issue." Very disappointing.

We feel a little scammed between the lack of actual security provided to the children's communication and the inability to provide a simple service like a password reset without a previously associated credit card. the people that write bad reviews are parents that have nothing better to do this game is fun and is safe its lego shaped character is great for kids and teens ive been on it since 2008 and im still not bored I ordered robux one time for a relative to build on Roblox, using my credit card.

From what I have heard, they also have the mannerism to terminate you in the most unfair way. About 80% of the people you find in games never speak and just plain do nothing. and also to get "ROBUX" you need to buy it with adebit card to get so this game is really full of sh#t Blown away by this game.

I can keep going like this for awhile, But i'll end it here. Roblox customer service rep called my daughter a liar and told me it was't hacked, while I was literally staring at someone playing under her account name. The community is better than any other community to exist, fighting off the bad in the virtual worlds.

Total scam don't ever depend on roblox to help you after getting hacked.

This whole experience allowed me to learn how terrible roblox's customer service truly is.

(You can report people, but not unless you do it immediately when the event occurs and know their username, which is not always on display) .

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