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Some merchant services providers have very strict guidelines for determining high-risk status, while others use more relaxed criteria.

If you’re considering a particular provider, check their website or contact them directly to see if they find your business to be high-risk.

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Unfortunately, there are also plenty of merchant services providers that deliberately market to high-risk businesses that are struggling to get approved for a merchant account, only to rip them off with outrageously high fees and rates, as well as draconian contract terms.

In this article, we’ll discuss the factors that lead to a business being labeled high-risk and how this determination will affect your ability to get a merchant account.

Looking for the best high-risk credit card payment processing companies?

If you’re having trouble getting approved, take a look at our top picks for high-risk merchant accounts.

While it would be nice if credit card processors treated all businesses equally, the fact is that they don’t.

Larger, high-volume businesses receive lower processing rates and often get more generous contract terms.

Choose up to three organizations to support with your e Scrip membership.

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