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The internationally, and potentially universally, distributed nature of these peer-to-peer logical networks can enable critical data to survive natural and human disasters.Peer-to-peer networks represent a valuable technological tool for the preservation of human knowledge.

The "Jaman Cascade Network" provides pieces of the movie via their server and via P2P.

Some films are free, some are available for a small cost.

A single file host will usually have limited upload capacity, but connecting to many servers simultaneously allows for higher file transfers, and disperses the costs associated with data transfers amongst many peers.

Moreover, a client mid-way through downloading the file also acts as a server, hosting the bits to others which they have already downloaded.

Distri Brute can do the entire job in less than an hour!

Distri Brute provides a secure centralized, efficient, very scalable deployment environment. Tribler, developed at the Delft University of Technology and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, is an open source social interactive Peer-to-Peer client with integrated search engine, video and audio player.

Typically, residential Internet connections have a much lower upload capacity than download capacity.

Thus, it was impossible in the past for residential users to broadcast personal audio streams (such as talk-radio, or music) to more than one user at a time.

This free service only airs professionally produced content but will cater to independent producers. As the content gains in popularity, the audience base becomes large enough to sustain the bandwidth requests on its own, thereby reducing overall distribution costs of penny-pinching content owners.

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