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I believe since Reed understands what it is to be a Peace Corps volunteer, he would give me a 5 minute meeting with him as ironically I just moved back to the States after 22 years overseas, Los Gatos to be exact.I see this all pointing now to the meeting with Reed and our time in the Peace Corps.v=J6p Zh8K7w XM It took me 30 years but I helped Niger, the poorest country in the world qualify for the World Cup (under 17 boys team).

path=/Dora Gezwitscher&ref_src=twsrc^tfw&ref_url=https://s9e.github.io/iframe/html#984857203608834049″ I read that Netflix named Susan Rice to its board of directors and intends to work with the Obamas on a propaganda documentary. Sincerest wishes that Netflix implodes and disappears into oblivion, A disgusted former customer Reply We are longtime Netflix customers but are now considering cancelling.

Your move to put Susan Rice on your Board of Directors is very disappointing.

If you look at the link I attached its shows highlights of the 1984 Niger national soccer championship, I was the only white man in the stadium (in the country for that matter).

It took me 30 years of my life to get over 1/2 million $ worth of soccer balls to Niger but I did and the results are a dream come true.

The pair decided that VHS tapes were bulky and easily damaged in shipping, however, they were intrigued by a new technology called dvds.

While these were limited in number at the time, both partners agreed that these would be easy to ship and cheap to replace if damaged.

It is a brilliant show that needs a new home, please bring it to Netflix! He is no longer a acting President of this country and has no right to be trying to influence the American people agains our duly elected President. Reply I will cancel my subscription; you put Susan Rice on your board of directors and even worse you signed a contract with the Obamas to write and produce original shows. So sad that another media venue has become political and is promoting their views under the guise of entertainment.

I’m sure you won’t be informing your viewers which original shows,”scripted and unscripted” are products of the Obamas. and Michelle Obama did more to divide the country racially than any recent American President.

Netflix currently services the USA, Canada, Mexico, South America, the United Kingdom, Ireland and several Nordic countries. Answer 1: The phone number for Netflix is (408) 540-3700. It is an amazing show and really deserves a chance to be picked up by Netflix! It is like the hit “This Is Us” only with science fiction/time travel. If you persist with type programing, we will cancel our long term Netflix subscription.

It is a show with heart, and gives a positive message. The fans are so loyal and you will gain tons of new subscribers. People of all ages can watch it, families can watch it together! Reply I too will be canceling my service from Netflix if you actually are going to allow the Obama’s to influence your programming in any way.

Since 2000, the company dropped all shipping charges, late fees, and dates need to return movies.

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