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• Cleanup Time for Trump; Another Hooray for Russians; Theresa May Won Narrowly from Pro-E. Lawmakers; European Union and Japan Strikes a Deal on Trade. and Japan Strike a Deal Promoting Free Trade; Barack Obama's Biggest Speech Since Leaving Office; Trump Tries To Clarify Summit Remarks After Backlash; U. Indicts Suspected Russian Agent; Former President Warns Against Strongman Politics. Prime Minister Theresa May Wins on Amended Customs Bill, Minister Resigns; France Welcomes Its World Cup Victors; U. Keeps Israel-Lebanon Border Quiet; Amazon Prime Day Shoppers See Pups On Error Pages; Amazon CEO Worth More Than 0 Billion..Aired 3-4a ET • Russia Boosts Operations Against West; Face Book User Data Accessed from Russia; Obama Speaks Out. Aired 12-1a ET • Some in Conservative Media Rebuke Trump; Russians View Trump- Putin Summit as a New Start; Hotel Asks for Protection from Lawsuits; U. Lawmaker: Facebook Data Accessed from Inside Russia; Veiled Swipe at Trump? Aired 2-3a ET • Trump-Putin Summit About Two Hours Away; Trump On Putin Meeting Will Do Just Fine; Leaders May Discuss Syria, Ukraine, Arms Control. Aired -05a ET • Trump and Putin's Meeting; Comparing Previous Meetings with Trump and Putin; Expectations from Trump and Putin's Meeting.

Aired -10a ET • Report: Mc Connell Says Indisputable That Russians Meddled in Election; Trump to Speak Soon on Meeting with Putin; Mc Connell Says to Our Friends in Europe The U. Values NATO; Mc Connell Says to Russia Election Meddling Results Better Not Happen Again. 1-2a ET • Meeting Between President's Trump and Putin; United States Officials are Concerned About the Meeting; Trump Calls European Union a 'Foe' Ahead Of Russia and China; Trump Arrives At Finnish President's Residence; Trump Having Working Breakfast With Finnish President.

Aired 2-p ET • Trump Tries to Walk Back Comments From Disastrous Russia Press Conference; Interview With Florida Senator Bill Nelson. Aired 2-3a ET • DNI Dan Coates" "Clear" That Russia Meddled; Putin: "Utter Nonsense" He Has Compromising Material on Trump; Schumer Holds Press Conference on Trump/Putin Summit; Mc Cain Criticizes Trump Meeting with Putin.

Aired -4p ET • FBI Agent Who Sent Anti-Trump Texts Grilled by Lawmakers; Trump Meets with British P. Aired -a • Russian Company Had Access to Facebook User Data; Trump's Trade War Escalating; Cave Rescue Video; Trump Disrupting NATO Meeting? Aired 3-p ET • Report: Trump Insults Allies at NATO Summit; Trump Says Germany Is A Captive of Russia; Trump Tells NATO Allies to Raise Spending to 4 Percent of GDP; NATO Allies Wonder If Alliance Can Survive Trump; Dramatic Video Shows Rescue of Trapped Thai Boys.

Aired 2-p ET • Japan Faces Tough Recovery after Floods; May Seeks to Reassert her Authority amid Brexit Strife; Facebook Gave Russian Company a Special Data Extension; France Beat Belgium to Advance to World Cup Final; Trump Slams Allies On Defense And Trade; Tusk To Trump: Appreciate Your Allies; Heritage Foundation Tweets Reminders To Trump; Trump Putin Meeting May Be Easiest Part Of The Trip; France Beat Belgium Advance To World Cup; CNN Goes Inside Cave Where Boys Were Trapped.

Aired -a • Supreme Court Nominee Wants to Abolish Independent Counsel? ; Trump Tries To Clarify Summit Remarks After Backlash; Trump Declares Full Faith In U. Intelligence; Russian Indicted Accused Of Acting As Foreign Agent; Japan, E. Agree Largest Bilateral Trade Deal Ever; Campaign Violations Trigger Calls For Men Referendum. Aired 04-a ET • How Past Presidents Dealt With Putin; Putin Has His Own Negotiating Style; Trump And Putin Set For One On One Meeting In Finland; Who's A U. Aired -10a ET • Trump to Meet Putin in Finland; World is Watching the Outcome of the Summit; Trump to Bring up Election Meddling by Russia. Aired 2- p ET • Trump Slams May, Mayor, Immigration In Interview; Trump's Visit Sparks Protest In London; World Cup Fever Takes The Internet By Storm; Rescued Boy Hailed As Hero Is Myanmar Refugee; U.

; Does Trump Believe Russia No Longer Targeting the U. Aired 1-2a ET • Report: Trump Says Russia Not Targeting U. Anymore; Trump Launches Unprovoked Attack on Montenegro; Trump Appears to Question U. Loyalty to NATO Defense and Article 5; More Lawmakers Call for Subpoena of Trump's Translator. Aired -3p ET • More Lawmakers Call for Subpoena of Trump's Translator; Ohio GOP Official Quits Party After Trumps Performance at Summit; Rescued Boys Honor Diver Who Died for Them; Trumps Military Parade Estimated to Cost 12 Million.. Aired -3p ET • Trump Stuns World by Siding with Putin Over U. Intel; Top Republican Lawmakers Break with Trump Over Putin Comments; Interview with Senator Ben Cardin; Aired 10-a ET • Russian Woman Charged With Being a Foreign Agent; Paul Ryan Speaks Amid Controversy Over Trump-Putin Summit; Mike Pence Defends Trump's Summit with Putin; Aired -11a ET • Reporter who asked the question about accountability of Russia; Russian accused of seeking "back channels" between Trump and Putin. Aired 3- 4a ET • 'Disgraceful Performance' by President Trump at Putin Meeting? Aired 3-p ET • Report: Trump Declines to Back U. Intelligence Against Putin; Mc Cain Says One of The Most Disgraceful Performances by President in Memory; Schiff Says This Is Nothing Less Than the Surrender of U. S.-North Korea Talks On Troop Remains Set For Sunday; Republicans Slam FBI Agent Over Anti- Trump Texts.

Aired 11a-12n ET • Trump to Meet PM Theresa May, Queen Elizabeth, and Putin; Protesters Upset with Trump.

Aired 3-4a ET • Trump and May Press Conference; Trump Denies Criticism; Trump on Immigration; Trump Will Talk about Meddling; Aired -a • Did Not Air.

Aired 2-3p ET • Trump-Putin Summit To Proceed At Helsinki; Twelve Russians Are Now Indicted For Hacking; Thailand's Soccer Team Was Rescued In The Cave After 17 Days; World Cup Reaches Final Game.

Aired 4-5p ET • Calls to Cancel Trump/Russia Summit after Indictments as Trump Still Claims Probe a Witch Hunt; Immigrant Child Whose Crying Was Heard Across the World United with Mother; Schnatter Scrubbed from Papa John's Advertising after Racial Slur; 2 Georgia Officers in Hot Water for Using Coin-Flip App; National Intelligence Warns Russia Threat Far from Over; Mueller Indicts 12 Russians for DNC, DCCC Hacks. Indicts Russians for 2016 Election Meddling; Thousands March against Trump in London.

3-4p ET • Trump Slams May In The Sun Newspaper Interview U. Justice Department To Appeal AT&T-Time Warner Ruling; World Cup Fever Takes The Internet By Storm.

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