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We won’t give away the punchline here; we’ll just repeat a bit of basic advice: If you’re unsure whether a site that purportedly collects personal information (and displays even more personal information in response) is legitimate, enter some fictitious but properly formatted data and see what happens.If it’s a joke, you’ll soon find out; if the results are inconclusive, you are no worse off than you were before (and you haven’t revealed anything useful in trying).The message will contain threats to kill you unless you send the hit man cash.

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Most importantly, do not send any money, credit card details or other personal details to the scammers.

You should also report online scams and fraud to the ACORN.

If you are the recipient of a dating or romance scams, you should report it to the ACORN.

Threat and extortion scams include ‘ransomware’, ‘malware’ and ‘hit man’ scams.

Such concerns are exemplified by the plethora of reader inquiries we periodically receive about the Zaba Search Public Information Search Engine.

Expressions of society’s fears and concerns frequently turn up both as the subjects of urban legends and as the punchlines to jokes, the latter exemplified by prank web sites that seemingly provide all comers with frighteningly easy (and free) access to personal information but really offer nothing more than silly gags as payoff.

Ransomware and malware scams can involve harmful software being placed on your computer.

This can give criminals access to your personal information, which may result in loss of data or prevent you from accessing your programs and files.

As we noted in our article about one such prank, simply visiting one of these sites and attempting to look up a “record” is sufficient to dispel the concern that they might be real (if for no other reason than that they don’t ask for nearly enough information to uniquely identify a person), but many viewers are hesitant to try for fear the information they enter will be collected by someone who might use it for illegitimate (or even illegal) purposes.

A mobile phone tracking web site (that supposedly uses GPS technology to pinpoint the location of any cell phone whose number is entered by a user) seems like a good for this form of joke, because most people are aware that some sort of cell phone tracking is possible (even if they aren’t sure how it’s accomplished or exactly what can be tracked), and the appearance and interface presented at (now is very well done and authoritative-looking.

These are often contained in spam If you receive an email or SMS which looks like a scam, the best thing to do is delete it.

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