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We’re both unattached hetero-ish opposite gendered folk, but I have talked about how I’m basically asexual and never looking for anyone and he’s looking for someone to marry and have babies with. We talked philosophy, pop culture, politics, hiking, the usual. “” is not how great guys who are safe to be around talk when they get busted for behaving badly.So that’s been discussed while neatly avoiding the ‘I’m not into you like that’ more direct conversation. In the morning I was getting ready to leave and he came out of the shower while I was packing up. ” I asked, and as he checked the times he just fully removed his towel-one-Mississippi-two-excruciating-Mississippi-before tucking it back around his waist. I’m so sorry, this sucks and none of it is your fault. Or, we could try to separate a clear pattern of behavior into totally unique isolated incidents that definitely do not have anything to do with each other and definitely do not have anything to do with gender or misogyny or culture.

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Maybe he was, and he’s just chill with the human body? I don’t know about y’all but I’m done with doing this much work around men behaving badly. That’s enough to block him from your life if you want to without any further communication or work on your part.

I think there are two questions women can ask themselves when a man does something that creeps them out that are way better than “but did he MEAN IT-mean it”: This week has felt like a century.

Putting this behind a cut given the “Guy In Your Office Who Gives Weird Backrubs And Ends Every Sentence With ‘That’s What She Said’ Is Totally #IBelieve You About Your #Me Too Social Media Posts” and “Pretty Much Every Movie You Loved In The 1990s Is Now Kinda Gross To Think About” week we’ve had. Here are the facts: 1) Your friend repeatedly exposed himself to you. It’s enough to change whole story to “ If your friend has sad or embarrassed feelings about what he’s done…okay? He should feel some awkwardness about making his friend so uncomfortable?

I’m a lady who has been friends with this guy for about a decade. He should be the one writing to advice columnists right now about how he’s really into this new hobby and he’s afraid and uncomfortable about maybe fucking up a great friendship by getting carried away with it and constantly showing her his penis, so, how can he apologize and how can he make it right.

A few days ago I sent him some photos of a new hiking bag I’d gotten. I scrolled past it and replied “Those look way better than the old ones, how much? Since then he’s sent me a number of ‘isn’t nudism/naturism? A few weeks later he sent me a video tour of his new apartment where four minutes in he’s just casually and totally naked in the reflection of his mirrored closet doors. And, why stop at “shy/socially awkward” as descriptors?

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