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Simply select “Chat” and an online agent will assist you.Please visit set up a “My Account” if you do not have one.

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The rep explained that customers have the ability to sign up for service and ask questions on the official website.

Unfortunately, you will need to be a currently be a Metro PCS to ask questions via email.

This is the response we received when we contacted customer service through the Metro PCS Facebook page.

When we sent a question to Metro PCS Facebook page, the response time was fairly quick.

When you select any option under it, you will see “Contact Support” to send an e mail.

Also, once you have logged in you may chat with an online agent as well.

This made us believe the call center was not local.

After a few attempts, we asked about signing up for service.

Metro PCS is a mobile phone company that offers multiple plans without being stuck in a contract for one to two years.

The official website allows customers to order phones, add money or minutes to their accounts or upgrade/downgrade to a new cell phone plan. The customer service portion of the website is listed under the Support tab at the top of the page.

There is no customer service email or contact form listed on the Metro PCS website.

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