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There are also sex related discussions on the Internet Relay Chat (‘ IRC’) channels where users in small groups or in private channels exchange messages and files.But as with the Web and the Usenet, only a small fraction of the IRC channels are dedicated to sex.

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There are more than 14,000 Usenet discussion groups all around the world but only around 200 groups are sex related, some of these relating to socially valuable and legitimate discussions, concerning, eg, homosexuality or sexual abuse.

If illegal and harmful content on the Internet needs to be regulated then the question is: how should this be achieved?

The availability of pornographic content on the Internet Pornography on the Internet is available in different formats.

These range from pictures and short animated movies, to sound files and stories.

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Section 1(3) of the 1959 Act makes it clear that the ‘articles’ contemplated were such items as computer disks; however most of the pornography on the Internet is now transferred electronically from one computer to another using telephone lines and modems rather than via any tangible medium such as discs.

This left a possible lacuna in section 1(3), OPA 1959, but this has now been plugged by CJPOA 1994 ,which amended the meaning of "publication" in that section, so that electronic transmission of pornographic material is now clearly covered by the 1994 Act.

This is why the wider concept of governance may be more suitable.

According to Walker, ‘social regulation within modern society has developed within physical bounds of time and space, but the development of cyberspace distanciates its inhabitants from local controls and the physical confines of nationality, sovereignty and governmentality leading to new possibilities in relationships and interaction.’(8) The idea of ‘governance without government’ may be the best approach for the development of the Internet.

It is about regulating relationships in complex systems,’(12) and the global Internet does provide a great challenge for governance.

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