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There are many females who do not receive a diagnosis, possibly because, compared to males, (a) they have fairly good social skills (particularly when interacting with adults in a one-to-one situation), (b) their special interests are different, and (c) their clinical presentation is different.Sometime during childhood, a female with AS or HFA characteristics will begin to know she is different compared to her peers. Due to adopting an alternative persona, she may begin to have problems of self-identity and low self-esteem 2.

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She may identify with a fictional character (e.g., Harry Potter), who faces adversity but has special powers and friends 24.

She may not be interested in the latest craze among her peers to be 'cool' and popular 25. She may not play with her toys in conventional ways 27.

She may have a pet that she views as a loyal friend 16.

She may have a single - but intense – friendship with another female who may provide guidance for her in social situations 17.

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She may escape into the world of nature, having an intuitive understanding of animals, but not people 14.

She may fear that her “true self” must remain secret because she is defective, thus she is almost always acting like someone else 15.

Due to observing and analyzing social behavior and trying not to make a social error, she may become emotionally exhausted 3.

During the stress of adolescence, she may develop routines and rituals around food and a special interest in calories and nutrition that develops into the signs of an eating disorder 4.

There has been considerable discussion among professionals about the way girls with AS and HFA demonstrate their major characteristics.

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