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DEGIRO is regulated by the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) and The Netherlands Financial Markets Authority (AFM).

Regulators of other countries - where DEGIRO offers its services - are also notified by DEGIRO and aware of its operation.

This scheme protects individual clients up to €20,000.

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This is not working for each country, so before opening the account in a different country, please contact DEGIRO's customer service.

Also good to know that DEGIRO does not provide demo account, but it is mainly due to not requiring a minimum deposit for account opening.

On the other hand, you might be also banned based on your residency, but DEGIRO does not provide a banned clear country list.

Brokerchooser's advice is to contact the customer service for your eligibility if you are not resident in one of the above-listed countries. This is a big advantage of DEGIRO if you want to invest smaller amounts of money.

Furthermore, has wide market coverage, providing access to the most important international and also to some local European exchanges.

Its web and mobile trading platforms are well designed and easy to can't trade with leveraged or derivative products).DEGIRO claims the fee structure of the Custody profile is higher, but in reality, we found that only dividend and coupon processing fees are higher. For profiles summary, take a look at this table: Some of the profiles may not be available in some countries. At the time of our review, DEGIRO does not provide tax-free account options like DEGIRO ISA or others that apply in other European countries.Filter the brokers by investor protection For a UK registration, you will need a mainland UK bank account in GBP.DEGIRO does not accept transfers from UK overseas territories or Crown dependencies such as Jersey, Guernsey, Gibraltar, or Isle of Man.Within the DEGIRO trading platform, you can choose between different account profiles.

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