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Soetoro-Ng says she has no interest in running for political office herself.

Bruce Hartford: So how did a nice guy like you get involved in civil rights? Don Jelinek: I was then 31, I came down to Mississippi for my three-week summer vacation and stayed three years. My parents were unhappy that I was jeopardizing my lawyer position to "work for the colored who don't like Jews anyhow." My law school friends all thought I was crazy, and accused me of turning radical. Frightened because the bodies of three civil rights workers had been unearthed the previous summer, because three others had already been slain this year, because a civil rights lawyer had been shot at only a few months ago, but mostly because, to me, Mississippi was Nazi Germany with a Southern accent and I was a Jew voluntarily flying to the crematorium. Yet it was not beautiful in any way easily understood by a citified Northerner.

Bruce: When you say "gone South in '64," you mean for Freedom Summer?

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President Barack Obama’s half-sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng visited Sacramento State this week.

Wall Street was not alone in wishing I would not go. Three years later when I looked back upon it I could still say it was beautiful, even up close, even after the stereotypes and cliches were stripped away.

So, he connected me with ACLU; I called up and made arrangements to go the next summer: 1965. I made up stories about how ACLU had rejected other people to accept me; Yes, I would like to not go but I cannot back out at this late date. Don: Well, I had set it up with ACLU nine months in advance and then, on the eve of the summer, called to confirm it; I started talking about it a few months in advance. But the black rural South I was about to enter was not as I envisioned it that day safely seated in a New York airport.

And how was one to deal with the exasperatingly endless acronyms of civil rights organizations: COFO, CORE, MFDP, NAACP, SNCC? Don: Well, it is a really massive, beautiful, beautiful, courthouse. Bruce: They were probably from the North Jackson NAACP youth group. My client frantically whispered to me that this had never before happened on the way to court. He says, "You can go, sir, but we don't want these demonstrators . If there was a United States flag, I didn't see it.

Many a prosecutor regretted asking my clients, merely attempting to establish the outsider as a civil rights worker: "Aren't you with the N double A CP? I loved Steven's Kitchen across the street, where civil rights workers ate, related their experiences and relaxed together. So while the lawyers would hang out together, I would hang out with SNCC and attracted negative notice among the lawyers, who started telling me that "You really don't want to spend too much time with them. Mustering my deepest voice to mask my fear, the state trooper now a mere five paces ahead of me, I demanded to know why he was blocking a lawyer entering a courthouse in the United States of America. They call our case and the "victim-thug" testifies about how he was struck by her.We also offer an All About U checking account for ages 15 to 24.Savings accounts for you and your family, including the Super Star Savers Club for kids! With our full-service loan department, we can help you with buying a home, home improvements, purchasing an automobile, or any other need you might have for a loan.To achieve even the semblance of communication, veteran civil rights workers were, at times, pressed into service as interpreters. Since few black sharecroppers used clocks or calendars, time was told by the sun (a few hours before sunrise, stop at midsun) or events (the day the candyman came, cotton choppin' week, the Sunday the Preacher came to town); directions depended upon nature (turn left at the big oak, then down a piece to the three cows — and there would be three cows!); and appointments were made by the week (Will you be in your office next week? Culture-shocked while adjusting to the sharecropper, the Northern newcomer simultaneously encountered the world of the civil rights worker, a separate society with its own culture and rules for every moment of the day. " I said, "Really." Remembering this great respect for lawyers, I say, "I guarantee it. They are witnesses." The Troopers have a conference and decide it's okay.We offer a variety of products and services to help make your banking experience pleasant.

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