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I don't think our group has been really serving it's purpose for quite a long time now.

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So best wishes to you who stayed with the roll call as participants or lurkers. Oh, and Elaine, we actually live closer to each other then you realize. I hope everyone continues to help one another conquer this. Offer extra support if needed - revision sessions at lunch and after school.

If anyone is taking the exam in August, please post the reading passages. New Blog post: 3 Ways to Guarantee That Students Vary Sentence Patterns:…/ The blog is directed to teachers, but it contains the link to my new video lesson, which is directed toward students. Individuals may benefit from personal support - a kind word, a phone call with parents, linking them with a buddy or study group.

Professional studies in educational technology provide individuals with technological concepts and skills, field experiences, instructional technology leadership skills and a foundation in educational research related to the application of technologies in education.

Program Details The newly revised Master of Science in Elementary Education degree offers courses relevant to educators in early childhood and elementary education, from preschool to grade six, and is based on the National Board Standards.

It is also ideal if you are seeking leadership, research or teaching positions in criminal justice.

Master Program Details Accelerated Bachelor and Master Program Details A Master of Science in Education degree from UCM can advance your career to greater leadership opportunities, knowledge of more effective teaching and assessment strategies, support and feedback from peers, and an increased salary.

Program Details The Technology Management transfer program prepares you for a career in business and industry.

The technical courses of the Associate in Applied Science and Technology degree along with the management courses in this bachelor's degree program will allow you to function well in technical and decision-making situations.

Program Details The Master of Arts in Communication degree is a 31-hour program that enhances your professional opportunities where the demand for presentation skills, writing, and research skills, management, and relationship building are vital for success.

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