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Larger, high-volume businesses receive lower processing rates and often get more generous contract terms.

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Many processors will simply refuse to approve you for a merchant account, while others will charge you significantly higher rates and fees than you would otherwise have to pay.

Unfortunately, there are also plenty of merchant services providers that deliberately market to high-risk businesses that are struggling to get approved for a merchant account, only to rip them off with outrageously high fees and rates, as well as draconian contract terms.

Running any business these days more or less requires that you give your customers the option of paying with credit or debit cards.

If you’re an e Commerce entrepreneur, credit/debit cards are just about your option for getting paid.

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Although very small businesses can get by with a payment service provider (PSP) such as Pay Pal or Square, once your business reaches a certain size, you’re going to want to upgrade to a full-service merchant account.

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