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I love spending time with the kids baking but watching them get excited to do something nice for another person is the true reward.

This is part of our 20 Simple Acts of Kindness if you wanted to check it out.

Do you have anything fun and unique in your house to top the tree?

I let the kids hang all the ornaments which means the top half of the tree is mostly empty but, oh well.

Inevitably all the ornaments will get moved around daily anyways.

When I started noticing the Christmas toy commercials and stores being overtaken with lit trees in mid-October (or the craft supply store that was decked to the nines with Christmas décor in July), it all felt a bit… And then just last month, I went on a cleaning spree and hauled away a car-load full of toys to the local donation center after the kids went to bed – and they !

After that, I put my foot down and swore off bringing any more toys or clutter into our home.

When they are older and have a tree or family of their ow, they’ll all have a small collection they started in childhood.

Last year, when it came time to finishing the tree and putting on the tree topper, the kids had a different direction from our traditional peace Dove.

Let your kids each pick out small packs of colorful and different candy as well as small items from around the house such as LEGOS, cars, toys, animals and other things you have lying around the house for a personal touch!

Let your kids pick out one type of cookie or food item you can make together – candy cane cookies, homemade caramel, brownies, etc. Once everything is done, we put some of the goodies in a Tupperware container with a nice note and bring it to a neighbor or teacher at school.

But then, I remembered, the holidays aren’t about toys or the number of presents under the tree.

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