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With half of teens hiding digital activities from parents in addition to the prevalence of teen cyberbullying, oversharing, and openness to strangers, parents must take every measure possible to avoid these risks.

Overseeing the digital actions of your teens and tweens provides a seal of protection that (as this Mc Afee study demonstrates) is needed.

The fact that teens are actively hiding information from parents is another troubling trend among teens.

”, run away, and tell.” (This applies to candy, pets, treats, job offers, photographs, rides on motorcycles, etc.) “If any adult or older kid asks for your help without asking me first, step way back, yell “NO!

”, run away and tell.” (This applies to mailing a letter, picking something up for an injured person, approaching a car to give directions, doing yard work, looking for a lost puppy, etc.) “If any adult or old kid asks you to keep a secret, step way back, yell “NO!

Woda was on the founding team of buy SAFE, an Internet trust and safety company, and he started working on child safety issues after his son was targeted by a child predator online.

While his son was unharmed, the incident led Woda to kick-start u

How is your child going to find help without talking to strangers? The great majority of people who abduct or molest children are not strangers, they already know the children they harm.

Instead of "don't talk to strangers," we strongly suggest you teach your children to watch out for dangerous adult behaviors. “If any adult or older kid offers you anything without asking me, step way back, yell, “NO!

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Our free Child Safety Kit has many ideas to help you teach safety by playing “What If…” with children of all ages.

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