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Di housekeeper pon di side weh dem stan up get confused an ask har if she sure cause di same man did have a room pon fi har side.

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Makes Addition to Customer Care Support Portal Telecommunications innovator, Digicel, has today announced a ‘live web chat’ facility on its website.

Dem neva tink nuttin of it, because it was not unusual fi one person book more dan one room.

But wa en up confuse dem was dat di two room dem did unda two different names.

“The customer dynamics have changed significantly – customers are spending more time online, so have to go where they are,” said Dwayne Tulloch, customer care director at Digicel.

“The Digicel brand is also evolving from a pure mobile operator to a complete telecommunications and entertainment provider, so with that, call volumes will increase.This, said the company, is an extension of its Customer Care which gives customers a quick, easy and convenient way to get answers while browsing products and services on its website.Available seven days per week from 8am to 6pm, Digicel’s online chat facility allows website users to ‘speak’ directly with Digicel Customer Care Agents, simply by typing their message onto the on-screen widget.Dis housekeeper inna a hotel a Jamaica bax mi wid da one ya.She work a one a dem upscale hotel deh weh well known fi dem discretion an secrecy.Furthermore him have a hot woman inna each room, an none a dem was him wife!

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