Francesca eastwood and tyler shields dating

He was born in Jacksonville, Florida into total poverty – his father became handicapped when he was aged 15 – forcing Shields to leave home to earn a living from competing in extreme sports.

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"I'm trying to show people a different side of the world." Shields, who has released his first novel, Smartest Man, available digitally on Amazon, is directing his first movie, Final Girl.

He starts filming the thriller starring Abigail Breslin in November in Vancouver, Canada.

Eastwood is the daughter of the Oscar winner and actress Frances Fisher, 61, who played Kate Winslet’s mother in “Titanic.” The party-loving Francesca starred on the reality-TV show “Mrs.

Eastwood & Company” with her stepmother and other family members in their fancy California home.

It also offers his girlfriend her first major movie role.

His new photographs out in May will be "the craziest period" he has done. It is death-defying – actors are doing real stunts in this one." He confirms his two muses take part in this series in a big way.

The quickie wedding must have been a big surprise to Francesca’s on-again, off-again boyfriend, celeb photographer Tyler Shields, who said in February, “I’m really into Francesca .

The photographer Tyler Shields, 30, has two young muses from Hollywood royalty: his girlfriend, Francesca Eastwood, 19, who is Clint Eastwood's daughter, and Scream 4 actress Emma Roberts, 21, who is Julia Roberts' niece.

"My muses both have incredible abilities," Shields says.

His best-selling work, Glitter Mouth, of Eastwood's mouth full of glitter and diamonds, which sells at ,000 (£25,000) a pop, has sold out.

A photograph of Morgan Eastwood, Clint's youngest daughter, in a swimming pool hangs in the Eastwood family mansion at Carmel-by-the-Sea in California.

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