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These generators are distributed by ANSTO to medical centres throughout Australia and the near Asia Pacific region.

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Radioisotopes are also used by industry for gauging (to measure levels of liquid inside containers, for example) or to measure the thickness of materials.

Radioisotopes are also widely used in scientific research, and are employed in a range of applications, from tracing the flow of contaminants in biological systems, to determining metabolic processes in small Australian animals.

Radioisotopes are commonly used in industrial radiography, which uses a gamma source to conduct stress testing or check the integrity of welds.

A common example is to test aeroplane jet engine turbines for structural integrity.

The most common is technetium-99m, which has its origins as uranium silicide sealed in an aluminium strip placed in the OPAL reactor's neutron-rich reflector vessel surrounding the core.

After processing, the resulting molybdenum-99 is removed and placed into devices called technetium generators where it changes to technetium-99m.The amount of radiopharmaceutical administered is carefully selected to ensure each patient’s safety.About 25 types of radiopharmaceuticals are routinely used in Australia's nuclear medicine centres.Some radioisotopes used in nuclear medicine have very short half-lives, which means they decay quickly; others with longer half-lives take more time to decay, which makes them suitable for therapeutic purposes.Industry uses radioisotopes in a variety of ways to improve productivity and gain information that cannot be obtained in any other way.The radioactive decay process of each type of radioisotope is unique and is measured with a time period called a half-life.

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