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One thing that we can say about is that the layout isn’t half bad, but sadly, that’s where the compliments are going to stop.

This site is just very empty, very basic, and it claims to have close to 2 million singles online…but we have yet to really see that in action.

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This was just disappointing, especially when only 1 of those women would talk to us about going on a date.

She didn’t even show for the set appointment, so that means our time was completely wasted. We do appreciate dating sites that give you a plethora of features, but this one just doesn’t even try.

It’s basically a rating system whereby you rate members on their attractiveness from a scale of 1-10.

There is also a list of the hottest men and women, as voted by Flirtbox users.

After three months of toiling over this site, we sent out a total of 110 chat messages to women on here, and it didn’t even seem to pay off at all.

From those 110 chat messages, we could only end up getting a grand total of 19 women to chat back with us.

Most of the details that you want to enter into the profile aren’t searchable terms, so it makes it really hard to find interesting women on this site in general.

We weren’t very impressed by the end of our Flirtbox experience, and that’s why this is a site that we honestly just can’t recommend.

What makes us say that is the low numbers from our dating attempts on the Flirtbox site.

The site just doesn’t seem to have a lot of ladies on it that want to chat back with you, and it mostly seems like there are a lot of sad, old men floating around on the site, trying to pick up women. We really did try to find some awesome results during our Flirtbox review, but it was just disappointing at the end of the day.

During the survey period it was found, that 27 percent of responding individuals who were current users of adult dating reported, that they used Flirtbox in the past.

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