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She also has a minor role during the Halloween 2015 event and the second half of the Summer 2017 event.

She also appears in the The fourth head of the Sanson family, which had performed executions for generations in Paris.

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Many literary works have depicted her as a ravishing beauty who drowned in love and turned her kingdom into her personal property, but the truth was the opposite.

Cleopatra has a profound intellect, particularly in the domain of economics, and her leadership raised the militarily weak Ptolemaic Egypt into one of the worlds foremost economic powers.

Despite his small build, he's handsome, has outstanding martial skills and excels in performance with musical instruments.

He joined the band of Mt Liang together with his lord, Lu Junyi.

He's an antagonist in France and an ally in the Salem chapter of Cleopatra VII was a tragic queen known for her beauty.

She was the last queen of the Ptolemaic Dynasty of Egypt, and the de facto last pharaoh of ancient Egypt.The only empress in Chinese history, known as Wu Zetian, but she preferred her title of Sacred Divine Empress Regnant when she ascended to the throne.Originally one of many concubines for Emperor Taizong of T'ang, she met with Taizong's son, Gaozong, and became his concubine after Taizong's death. She blamed Empress Wang for murdering her child and had both her and the favorite concubine Consort Xiao overthrown. To consolidate power, she had any relative who had become hindrances and her political enemies assassinated.After Gaozong's death, she changed the name of the country to Zhou, took the throne for herself, and granted herself the title of Empress Regnant.She appears as an antagonist in Agartha., one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature.As a result of the Einzbern House not adopting the strategy of hiring an outside Master, Kiritsugu Emiya did not meet with the wife he was supposed to meet, and thus did not get separated from said wife nor suffer from the frustration from such separation.

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