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Biomimetic, Amino component, Metal complex, Antimicrobial. Schiff bases are compounds containing azimethine group (-CH=N-).

They are the condensation products of ketones or aldehydes with primary amines (Scheme 1). Formation of Schiff base generally takes place under acid or base catalysis or with heat.

Materials Chemicals like Ethanol, Sodium hydroxide, Glycine, D-Alanine, 3- Amino benzoic acid, Salicylaldehyde were provided by Sigma Aldrich Company and they were used as supplied. The UV-Vis spectra were taken on a Shimadzu 160-A spectrometer.

The present work describes the syntheses of amino acid based Schiff bases from salicylaldehyde with amino acids Glycine, D-Alanine and 3-Amino benzoic acid.

Here we report the use of Na OH catalyst during the synthesis of Schiff base under study.

Schiff bases were kept at room temperature in dry conditions and they were dissolved 20 mg/ml in double distilled water and complexes were dissolved in DMSO.

It was then poured into the plates and allowed to solidify.

Schiff base metal complexes with biomolecules have been widely studied because they have a wide range of activities including industrial, anticancer, antiviral and herbicidal applications [17-19].

They could perform as models for many biological species and find applications in many biomimetic catalytic reactions [20].The plates (9 cm) were incubated with 50 μL of normal saline solution of above culture media (105-106 bacteria per ml).Discs injected with preformed Schiff bases (50 μL) were applied on the solid agar medium by pressing tightly. After 24 hours the inhibition zones formed on media were measured with a zone reader in millimetres.The transmittance max observed minimum in the case of Salicylaldehyde Glycine Zn (II) complex indicating the maximum attachment of Zn (II) ion to this schiff base ligand.IR spectral studies of Schiff bases and their Zn complexes The IR spectrum of ligands showed a band at a region of 1580-1680, (Figures 4-6), which is due to C=N stretching frequency, a key feature of Schiff base.Mix the Salicylaldehyde solution with proper amino acid solution and mixture is stirred.

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